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Civil Rights

Detroit-based Bajoka Law: Leading Civil Rights Attorneys

Having recovered and won millions for our clients, we are well-known and respected as one of the leading firms in Michigan. Civil rights law is our specialty and we represent individual clients, as well as groups (in class actions) of people whose rights have been violated.  The U.S. Constitution guarantees every American citizen certain civil rights and personal liberties. However, defending the civil rights of an individual or a group in court can be very complicated and challenging. Our attorneys are proven experts in this area and have many decades of experience in successfully advocating for the civil rights of their clients.

We regularly handle a wide range of civil rights actions, including:

  • Personal Injury and Auto Accidents

  • Unlawful arrest and/or wrongful conviction.

  • Law enforcement misconduct and brutality.

  • Unlawful search and seizures.

  • Unconstitutional prison conditions.

  • Hate crimes.

  • Whistleblower rights and protection.

  • Freedom of speech and association violations.

  • Voter discrimination and unlawful elections practices.


If you believe your civil rights have been violated, we will investigate your claim and skillfully advocate or litigate to protect and preserve those rights. Contact Bajoka Law Group PLLC today to see how we can help.