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Legal Representation for Auto Accidents in Michigan

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident in the Detroit area, contact Bajoka Law Group today. We are committed to providing our clients with compassionate yet aggressive legal counsel.

Whether your automobile accident was the result of a negligent driver, excessive speed, or other circumstances, we’ll explain your rights and options clearly, including those associated with no-fault insurance coverage. We want to ensure you understand your options so you can proceed in a manner you are comfortable with, maximizing your compensation.  

Even if you are not from Michigan, you may be entitled to certain benefits under Michigan law if you were involved in an automobile accident while driving through the state of Michigan.

If you or a family member have been injured in an automobile accident in Michigan, contact Bajoka Law Group PLLC today. No matter what type of motor vehicle collision you have suffered, our experienced attorneys can help. We have extensive legal experience related to a wide range of legal issues associated with: auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and no-fault insurance benefits.

Contact Bajoka Law Group PLLC today for a free consultation to discuss your motor vehicle accident in the Detroit area.